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I'm going to prune folks whom are on my DreamWidth reading list and on my LiveJournal list. I'd really rather pay more attention to DW than LJ (especially with the tumblr-flist on the horizon), so if you're wondering why you've suddenly been unfriended, that's the reason why. I'm not pruning anyone else (that hasn't deleted their accounts, at least) this go around.

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I'm seeing a bunch of my cross-posts stuck right now. I had "Disable Auto-Formatting" turned on, and I went to disable that for the last two posts, because they're walls of text. But they look fine in DW and are un-altered in LJ. I did more edits to the MUD post and it's still unchanged. I turned on notifications for cross-post success as well as failures, and did an edit, and see nothing.

Is there a page somewhere that I can check the status of the cross-post queue? I know you can check the import queue, but I'm not importing my journal. (And I dunno if xposting is affected by the import queue or not.)

Thanks, DWeamers. :)

Edit: Seems like they're going through now... probably just backed up for a bit with all the new people coming into DW. Also, I forgot that the auto-formatting setting can be set by xposting but will not update with an xpost, so I had to edit it manually on the LJ posts. But my question about seeing a status page for the queue still stands. :)
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If you migrate over to Dreamwidth and you're on my flist, can you let me know so I can friend you there and update my filters?

Thanks! Test.


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