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I'm seeing a bunch of my cross-posts stuck right now. I had "Disable Auto-Formatting" turned on, and I went to disable that for the last two posts, because they're walls of text. But they look fine in DW and are un-altered in LJ. I did more edits to the MUD post and it's still unchanged. I turned on notifications for cross-post success as well as failures, and did an edit, and see nothing.

Is there a page somewhere that I can check the status of the cross-post queue? I know you can check the import queue, but I'm not importing my journal. (And I dunno if xposting is affected by the import queue or not.)

Thanks, DWeamers. :)

Edit: Seems like they're going through now... probably just backed up for a bit with all the new people coming into DW. Also, I forgot that the auto-formatting setting can be set by xposting but will not update with an xpost, so I had to edit it manually on the LJ posts. But my question about seeing a status page for the queue still stands. :)


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