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So, a sign that things are going good in the new guild? When you spend 3 hours raiding with folks and still want to spend another 2.5 hours just talking with people in Mumble afterwards... instead of wanting to log off as quickly as possible and get away from the computer.

Another sign that we made the right call in leaving the old guild? Seeing this crap in Trade channel:

Yeah. Stay classy, folks.
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I haven't forgotten about my plans to make a post here about the RwP exodus. I've just been watching things unfold and trying to get my head around what's going on and what I want to say. As much as I'd like to, I'm not planning on writing an attack post-- but one that will try and explain what went wrong and why from our perspective.

Because as much as we may be the RwP Rejects guild, I'd rather not see them bleed more people our way. I'd rather they just fix the damn problems.

I will say that I'm glad we're not moving servers again, that we've drawn our line in the sand and made our stand. I'm tired of moving servers to find a sane guild, only to see it implode a few months afterwards. Relying on the leadership of other people has just been a colossal exercise in frustration-- to the point that I've quit the game or taken a long hiatus a few times rather than deal with the drama. At least this time, if something happens, I can do something about it. Noone's claiming that we'll be better than those who have come before.

But we're damn well going to try.


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