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So, I've been meaning to post this for a while, but finally found the spoons to do so today. It's health related, but I'm going to leave this unfiltered because it's got a lot of good/important info in it, if you're up to reading it.

30 Things About My Invisible Illnesses )
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Question for folks... what do you recommend for a laptop cooling pad? I need to replace the one I have and I want to get a decent one, since I spend a lot of time on my laptop these days. I know to avoid Targus like the plague (since they die quickly for a LOT of people), but I'm not sure what to look for. Thoughts?

Edit: I should add that I have the Antec notebook cooler pad currently, and the problem is that the cord is removable so you can put it away inside this little compartment. However, it doesn't have a good connection so unless you wiggle it around it doesn't get power. This has gotten worse over time and I pretty much have to hold it in a certain (uncomfortable) position to get the fans running. The aluminum pad itself helps, but nowhere near as much as when the fans were running regularly.

I know I haven't been posting much on DW/LJ lately, but I've been really busy. Between the MUD, working on the Plex app for the Roku, the occasional item for Romance Divas, the occasional thing for my WoW guild, and work for Livemocha, I've been pretty busy. I'm trying to get a bit more organized, and I picked up a Pro membership to Remember the Milk to help out with that. I like it, but it seems like the sharing feature is kind of weak... when I share things with [personal profile] paul_zap it seems like he doesn't get an email notification that there's a task shared with him. And while it's great for me to manage my own tasks, it would really be better if it helped with managing tasks across the entire household as well.

I have more to post about, specifically with the MUD, but that will be a separate post under filter.


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