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Comic fans, I need some help. Most of the superhero comics I've seen either animated or live action (Smallville, Lois & Clark) or in the movies (and recent ones aside, most of the old movies were crap).

I'm specifically looking as to where to start with comics for (least stars is highest preference, since some of this I can get from more animated shows I haven't dug into yet):

* Captain America & Winter Soldier
* Hawkeye & Black Widow
* Maria Hill
* Green Arrow (love him on Smallville and Young Justice, looking forward to Arrow)
* Supergirl / Kara-el
* Huntress & Artemis
* The Invisible Woman / Sue Storm? (F4)
* Black Canary
* Zatanna & her dad / Dr Fate
** Iron man
** Azazel
** Black Panther & Storm
** Beast
** Miss Martian / Megan More
*** Superman
*** Batman

Crossover I'm most interested in is the Avengers/Xmen Superhuman Registration Act.

I know that im probably a prime target for DC's New 52, which would introduce me to all the origin stories I'm curious about, but I've heard so many bad things about it. Is it bad because of the lack of important characters who aren't white/hetero-normative, or because the writing itself reflects badly in the social justice angles? Because if its the former, then I think ill just curse the administration while supporting the good writers of good characters and hope that the label expands to be more inclusive in the future.

That said, I could stand to spend more time in Marvel-verse anyways...
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